In each year, there are 365 days. Each day is comprised of substantial experiences and circumstances that impact how we live our lives. As we go through this journey called life, we meet different people or probably one specific person who may change our perspective towards this imperfect universe. This person may be a family member, classmate, friend, and of course, a teacher.

Through my education at Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School, I have encountered numerous teachers who molded me into a young lady who is independent, wise, and compassionate. I can surely say that each teacher who taught and handled me has instilled different values and morals that I will be bearing until I reach adulthood. On the other hand, when people talk about their favorite teachers or the ones who made a big impact in their lives, a lot of people come into my mind and I’m really thankful for the things they have imparted to me as a student, daughter, and a Christian. But there’s one teacher who stands out in my mind and her name is Ms. Jessca Villadiego or who we call Ms. G.

Ms. G has been my teacher in Christian Living Education for two straight years. Just last year, she was new to the grounds of Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila and of course, there were different first impressions of her. I would hear comments that she was strict and serious but only after several days since the first meeting, we all realized that she was different. She was definitely fun to be with, approachable, sensible, and clever. As a teacher, she was always prepared with her sign boards and a notepad written with our designated numbers which made the recitation in class a lot more fun. But when she first entered our classroom last year, everything was silent.

“In the silence of our hearts, God speaks to us.” These were the first words that Ms. G spoke in class and to this day, she never fails to say these words. This is one of the more famous quotes from Mother Teresa. These words truly changed how I lived my life and looking back, I realized how much Ms. G changed so many things in my life. It was in ninth grade that I started experiencing various problems both in school and family. But the most difficult circumstance I had at that moment was with my personal relationship with Jesus. Three years ago, I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior and since then, I was able to cope with all my problems in life. As I moved to each grade level, I slowly drifted away from my relationship with the Lord and didn’t have that much time for Him anymore. Time passed and Ms. G would always say words in our class that slowly changed my perspective in life. With just her simple yet beautiful words, I knew that it meant something greater. With that, I started approaching her and every time I had problems, I would ask for her advice and she was always there to listen to me. Ms. G would always tell me to never get tired of being good to the people around me even though it’s difficult. She would also tell me that every pain I’m feeling at the moment is all going to be worth it. When I was about to give up due to the pain, she would always remind me of my dreams and aspirations. What I really like about Ms. G is that she would always lead me to Jesus no matter what I was going through. Every time she would give me advice, Jesus was never out of the picture. Ms. G was the person who helped me renew my relationship with Jesus and that’s how she made a big impact in my life. She served as an instrument in my own development as a student and a Christian.

I have witnessed what kind of passion Ms. G has for her profession. Every time I would see her in the corridors, she never fails to smile and give me a pat on the back. What’s different about this teacher is that fact that even though there are so many responsibilities in front of her, the smile on her face remains. Without Ms. G, I would never have continued my personal relationship with the Lord. I knew that God sent me Ms. G and I’m really thankful for that blessing. What makes someone a really good teacher is their ability to instill in a student the strength and wisdom they need in this life. That’s who she is. In each year, there are 365 days and I’m blessed to have spent these last of two years with Ms. Jessca Villadiego.

By: Daniella P. Espacio, 10 St. Paul