“Wag nang ipilit ang hindi na pwede,” says Sir Garrel Valeriano. You probably know him as a strict and serious teacher. And if you do know that, you probably also know that while he is all of those, he can also be cheerful and funny. Look at the quote up there at the start of this paragraph. You can probably identify it as a “hugot”. Sir Garrel, with all his seriousness, strictness, and skills as a teacher, likes to joke about that kind of stuff too. You probably won’t expect it when you meet Sir Garrel for the first time. So imagine just what other things could be hiding beneath his tough, strict exterior.

I’ve known Sir Garrel for more than two years and from that experience, I can tell that beneath that tough exterior, is a great teacher who cares a lot for his students and wants the best for them, a teacher who wants to enjoy his time with his students and wants his students to be good role models for others. Maybe it doesn’t seem likely for you, maybe it does. But regardless of what you see in Sir Garrel, I see a teacher who always gets disappointments and problems from his students but continues to care and want the best for them no matter what.

How about you? What do you think lies beneath his tough exterior? Well, whatever lies beneath it, whatever hidden personality he might have, we should always think about his feelings too. We’ve caused a lot of troubles and problems for him. So it’s just right that we avoid trouble for him as best as we can. After all… if it isn’t us who help him, who will?


By: Phoemela Anne Maxene S. Elbo, 6 – Fortitude