Last Saturday, May 20, 2017, the LRMS Parents Assembly 2016-2017 led by their president, Mrs. Chris Roxas, gave their donation of CCTV with 10 cameras and LED TV to Mrs. Lydia C. Vicente, Founder and President of the school. LRMS Administration and all Ruizian stakeholders thank the LRMS PA for their continued support to the school.

Present during the event and shown in the picture from left to right: Mr. Amelito Aquino, LRMS Students Activity Coordinator; Mr. Kevin Adolfo, LRMS Generalist; Mrs. Lydia Vicente, LRMS Founder and President; Mr. Michael C. Vicente, LRMS GSD Manager; Mrs. Chris Roxas, PA President; Mrs. Jo Ann Albarillo, PA Secretary; Mrs. Marlene Gonzales, PA Assistant Aditor; Mrs. Aida Seva, PA PIO; Mr. Ador Castro, PA Member.