Despite the fact that we have not had any orientation on the evacuation route, the amount of time consumed to evacuate the buildings was short.

The queueing flow of students in the Grade School slowed down at the evacuation site because the new employees with the flag markers could not spread out as they should due to the parked vehicles in the open space.
The school is still waiting to receive the official confirmation from the VVEV Office that the open field may be used for parking. As soon as we get the go signal, we will be able to finalize evacuation plans especially in terms of location and our marking system.

The drills conducted last school year indeed recorded the varied evacuation times. This was attributed to the fact that the drills were sometimes conducted while many students were taking their recess at the ground floor canteens in both buildings or when they were not in their own classrooms.

Ruizian old students from the Preschool, Grade School, and High School were given specific instructions as to how to behave during emergencies. Specifically, the “Duck, Cover, and Hold On” stance was expectedly practiced during the Homeroom periods. They were reminded to take the emergency drill seriously.

They still remember these guidelines; however, several children still delight at the thought of an emergency drill because they consider it a brief respite from their regular classes ; a time to play-act; and a chance to stretch their legs, so to speak.

Once again, information was gathered that there were some students who manifested their dislike for the drill because it meant that they had to leave the comfort of their air-conditioned classrooms to go to the evacuation site. There were some complaints about the heat, the dust, and the grimy evacuation site grounds.; and once again, students, both young and old , forgot to observe the drill rules (DON’T TALK, DON’T PUSH, DON’T RUN, DON’T TURN BACK) despite constant reminders.

For these reasons, the DMT’s resolution is to further strengthen its awareness campaign through a formal orientation and repetitive reminders by each class adviser for all students to take the drill seriously. Everyone must be made to realize that during a crisis or disaster, their lives could be dependent on the degree of their preparedness and presence of mind.

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