Mrs. Lydia Cuevas-Vicente is the founder of Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School.  From my first impression, it seems  that she is a well-respected lady.  When she speaks, everybody listens. Why? I noticed that she speaks from the heart.  

I was able to gather a compilation of the essential things about her. Do you want to get to know more about our Founder? Please scroll below.

Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School is a dream made into reality through the person of  MRS. LYDIA CUEVAS-VICENTE, an educator who believes in the love of God and the goodness of man. 

Coming from a humble family of the late Teodoro Cuevas and Natividad Mariano, Mrs. Vicente first saw light on September 5, 1938 in San Mateo, Rizal. On June 15, 1967, she was married to Mr. Clementito Vicente, also a native of San Mateo, Rizal. They were blessed with four sons and a daughter.

Mrs. Lydia C. Vicente  obtained her Elementary Teacher’s Certificate with Honors and her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Philippine Normal University. In 1966, she became a faculty member at the Ateneo de Manila University and co-authored a series  of Filipino and Mathematics textbooks  . She wrote  several volumes of modules and learning materials for preschoolers .

In 1986, the EDSA Revolution left in Mrs. Vicente a strong desire to help change the worsening condition of the country. After a five-day retreat, she understood that with her gift of being an educator, she can develop  young Christian leaders and be catalysts of change in society. Thus,  the founding of Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School (LRMS) in 1990.

And in just a few months time,  it will be a grand day as we  celebrate our 30th Year Anniversary in February 2020! To God be the Glory.  

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