image-Catholic Program–Student Formation

A mother wants the best for her child .  She molds all her children to be the best they  can be. She wants them to soar and reach their full potential. However, it won’t be long that she needs to endorse and let her children spread their wings. This is when the Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila school assures our loving parents that we are providing a meaningful education. 

CHARACTER FORMATION is vital in our Educational Thrust.  You may ask, what is character formation? It is when we educate the child in human virtues, norms of conduct, religious doctrine and spiritual life in order to strengthen his character and personhood.  We  always believe in shaping the child towards the true and the good so that he may develop wholesome values and attitudes that elicit positive behavior/character.  Our continuous Religious Education Program together with the Guidance and Counseling Program makes it all possible .

We do not stop there. For the next one, just as parents are believers of Academic Competence, at Lorenzo de Manila School  we want our children to achieve the highest intellectual ability, and then acquire the knowledge and skills that he is willing to exert. In the long run, this will enable him  to know and understand the truth and the realities of life. Thus, we are assure the parents that a Ruizian  will be able to improve himself and his community.

 Yes, we remain steadfast to give a solid foundation of the three (3) prime subjects:  (a) Knowledge Subjects (CLE, Science and Social Studies)  (b) Skills Subjects (Communication Arts – English  and  Filipino, Mathematics) (c) Enabling Subjects (TLE/Compuer, MAPEH). 

Lastly, Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School promotes PERSONAL ENHANCEMENT.  This pertains to all the interventions and elements in the school program which are complementary to curricular and co-curricular offerings so that the students may be able to enjoy the fullness of life. Total formation enables man to actualize himself and attain fullness of life by responding to God’s love. How do we do it? The Student Activity Program is a primary influence together with a lot of other Special Programs. 

We will continue to commit to quality academic programs and highly-motivated and effective faculty members which in totality will give each Ruizian the  edge to learn and apply 21st century skills .

In summary, let me share to you the totality of  these educational thrusts. The word is  BEST.  Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School, as one body, works at  Building Character, Empowering Minds, Shaping Ideals Toward Excellence in Quality Catholic Education!