(A must-read for all: students, parents/guardians, teachers, employees)

Aside from the Data Privacy Policy, Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School (LRMS) has a Social Media Policy (SMP) for all members of the Ruizian Community. This contains guidelines on the proper use of online technology. It is based on the Philosophy, Vision, Mission, Values, and DepEd/CEAP/DACSA mandate of the school’s, and LRMS Personnel Handbook and Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) Code of Ethics for Teachers & Employees, and the Code of Discipline for Students.

The LRMS Social Media Policy stipulates guidelines on the use of online technology towards worthwhile, truthful and responsible sharing of news and information with its community members in social media. Through this platform, the School and its users who have been identified as bonafide students, school personnel, parents & guardians.

The School acknowledges the important role of social media and technology in building an informed school community, to promote understanding and communion among its members, and to fortify its brand as a premier Filipino lay Catholic school.

Nothing in this policy intends to curtail one’s rights and freedom. Any exception from any provision in this policy must be approved in writing by the President of the School.


Social networks have been a major source of sharing information and learning for everyone; thus, many Ruizian parents, teachers, and High School students have their own accounts on social networks.

If a Ruizian uses his accounts in relation to school activities in any way, he/she must identify himself/herself  as connected with the School. He/she should use his/her own personal photo/s in the profile information of his/her personal account. The LRMS logo or structure may not be used without prior authorization.

Grade Level sections are allowed to create a chat room or FB account for the use of students, parents, and the class adviser of the section; but, use of the account should be limited to the following:

  1. 1.Announcements and reminders regarding school-related
  2. Requests for a face-to-face meeting with the teacher
  3. Sharing of pictures of class activities

Class Advisers are required to inform the Principal’s Office about the chat room /FB account created for the above-mentioned purposes.


Posting or sharing of any LRMS proprietary or confidential material and information is prohibited. All communication coursed online could be copied and shared easily elsewhere.  There is no such thing as a private conversation when it is online.

All must be aware that information, photos, links, advice, and opinions shared and expressed if inappropriate, may affect the School’s reputation as a Catholic educational institution.  All must keep in mind that as long as he or she is part of LRMS, he or she is considered a Ruizian.

One may share information and comments in social media on different matters with these in mind:

  1. Gossiping and trash-talking about any person, a group, or about the school or any member thereof, is unacceptable. These acts are sanctionable under the LRMS Code of Discipline.

We espouse communion; hence, we should be instruments of peace and constructive development.

  1. Complaints, negative comments, arguments, personal attacks, and the like must be avoided at all times. There is a proper protocol and a forum for any personal and/or school-related concern.

The school reserves the right to take legal action against any person who casts aspersion against the integrity of the school.

  1. All photos, status updates, and comments shared must preserve and promote respect among members of the Ruizian community.
  2. All are held responsible and accountable for any information and link shared in social media.
  3. Whenever possible, always trace and quote or paste the link of the source of information shared in social media.
  4. Be aware of competitive issues. We encourage promoting our School but we discourage putting down our competitors.


Always bear in mind that nothing is virtually private in social media. Everyone is held responsible and accountable for what he or she discloses even in restricted settings.

All are encouraged to study and use the privacy settings of their social networks and to discern well what he or she shares and with whom. However, as many already know, it is easy for someone to copy, with or without malice, any material out of restricted settings and share with unauthorized persons. One could only imagine the damage it could create.

Everyone is discouraged to use his or her birth date, address, and cell phone number on any public website.  To ensure one’s safety, all are advised to carefully discern the type and amount of information they share online about themselves. It is a must to respect and keep the privacy of school community members. Never share information about any school community member’s personal information, schedules, activities, contact details, address, etc. without the person’s permission.


Be aware of who and what you follow and like. These things may affect how others perceive you as a person. Discern well.


Interaction among members of the school community in social media is encouraged. However, be discerning of what goes public.  Some exchanges may be best done in private messaging.

When asked about questions that one is unsure of,  refer the person to a school official. He or she may validate answers to questions and then promptly give feedback to the person asking the question.

When asked about a topic that seems controversial, one is advised to politely decline or change the topic, most especially when one is not fully aware of the circumstances surrounding the matter.

When asked about a confidential matter, refer the matter or the person with the query to appropriate school officials.

Do not be quick to believe and pass information without properly validating it because if you do, you become a rumormonger.  Remember that information passed on from one person to another may be lacking or erroneous; hence, it is unfair to empathize, think ill, and spread negative information about another person or organization even if you think you have reliable information. Reacting recklessly especially to second- or third-hand information could get you in trouble.

Be respectful. Be attentive. Be responsible. Always remember: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.