LOOK at the wonderful and beautiful things of Nature…THINK of their marvelous adaptation to our needs and happiness…

the sunshine and the rain that gladden and refresh the earth,

                      the hills, the seas, and the plains,

                                the lovely birds filling the air with their happy songs,

                                     the delicately roseate flowers perfuming the air,

                                                the lofty trees of the forest with their rich foliage of living green!

Are these not living proofs of God’s love?

                GOD IS LOVE is written upon every opening bud…upon every blade of springing grass.

God has bound our hearts to Him by unnumbered tokens in heaven and on earth…

                                                GOD WANTS US TO BE HAPPY!

YET what have we done to Mother Earth which testifies of God’s love?

WHERE are the clean waters…the fresh air…the wildlife in all its splendor with its beautiful birds, graceful deer, playful monkeys, lumbering buffaloes, and thundering wild boar…

                the oceans teeming with all kinds of fish…

                                the virgin forests… the smell of blushing flowers…

                                                the crystal clear lakes…the winding rivers…

Where is this lovely and pristine environment which was the home of our forefathers?

NOW the air is filled with deadly toxins and awful noise…our waters are polluted by industrial and commercial wastes from the burning of gasoline and other petroleum products…some popular fast-food restaurants are still using containers like Styrofoam which are not environment-friendly and are wreaking havoc on the ozone layer and hastening global warming.

                The environment that God gave us to support life is being pushed to the limit by the needs of too many people, the desire for more comfortable existence…but mainly due to their greed and apathy.

                There is a limit to the earth’s own capacity to support life.

If overused, Nature will be forced to use drastic solutions…and these will certainly be painful ones…

                                famine                                                                  overpopulation

                                     pestilence                                                           poverty

                                          floods                                                                   diseases, etc.

                These should not come to pass. We have to be true to our commitment. Christ died on the cross to set us free to become ALL GOD WANTS US TO BE.

                As we increasingly realize the security of the love and the freedom it brings, we will want to give the same quality of love to others to enjoy.

When we are busy reaching out, we can turn our commitment into JOY.

As we try to make use of the intelligence God gave us to turn us into imaginative, resourceful and creative persons, we can solve the problems we ourselves have created and for sure, with God’s help, we can solve them in the most humane ways possible.


                Stop polluting our environment.

                                Stop destroying our forests.

                                                Stop disposing garbage that can be re-used and recycled.

                Write to our government officials condemning their inaction.

In our own little school, how do we show love for God’s creation? There are myriad of ways!

We show love by bending our backs to pick up a piece of candy wrapper carelessly dropped by somebody…

We show love by helping keep our classroom free from trash…

We show love by not posting pictures or slogans or writing graffiti anywhere we want…

We show love by being mindful of our use of electricity and water…

We show love by simply appreciating the plants and the trees in and around the campus…

The list goes on….

                Let us not keep our eyes fixed just on ourselves.

                Let us not remain nonchalant while others make a mess of our surroundings.

                Let US do our share.

Let us lift our eyes and our will to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and allow HIM to transform us in the fire of His divine love.

Let us bow in reverence and in gratitude to our Creator for gifting us this magnificent earth, our only home.

                                                Nature is God’s art gallery.