About Us

LRMS provides you with all the means to develop your God-given talents. The school lays the foundation upon which you build your future.


A Ruizian Catholic educational institution of servant leaders who live faith, hope, and love in communion significantly contributing to national and world progress, unity, and peace.


As an educational community distinctly Lay, Catholic, and Filipino, LRMS is committed to:

– Work toward the holistic formation of servant leaders centered on the Eucharist, modeled on the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Lorenzo Ruiz, and become witnesses of the Gospel;

– Continuously strive for transformative education that is innovative, dynamic, and globally responsive;

– Efficiently manage resources for viability and sustainability.


Christian Formation

The core toward the realization of the school's vision and mission.

Student Activity

Designed to respond to the varied interests of the students.