The LRMS Guidance and Counselling Program provides a systematic and planned approach for helping all students acquire and apply basic life skills and the core values of the school. It is part of the whole school program that complements and supplements the learning process facilitated in the classroom. It is learner-centered and developmental and at the same time preventive of any unacceptable or problematic behavior. The program encourages students’ social, emotional, and personal growth throughout their stay at LRMS and even beyond schooling experience

The Learning Resource Center/Library is provided separately for each division to facilitate and manage the transfer of knowledge – information to all students, teachers and personnel of the school. A collection of references, supplementary, fiction, non-fiction books and magazines is readily available to students, faculty and staff with the assistance of the division librarian. Internet and photocopying services are also available.

Medical/Dental Services include two division clinics each staffed by a full-time nurse who is responsible for safeguarding the health of students and school personnel during school hours and for keeping their health records and reports. A doctor and a dentist come for check-up on different schedules or on appointment basis if necessary.

Food Services are provided to serve the nutritional needs of the students. Quality assurance, affordability, and nutrition are its primary criteria. Recipe standardization and food sanitation are strictly observed.

The Bookstore serves the students’ immediate needs. School supplies, books and other materials are available for purchase before and after classes and during recess time only.

Audio-Visual Services are provided to supplement, complement, and enrich classroom instruction with the use of educational films, overhead projector, video showing, slides, printed aids/materials, and other learning tools.

Security Services are provided for monitoring the ingress and egress of students, personnel, and visitors to ensure the safety and security of students and personnel.

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