My Favorite Teacher

Each school year you can’t avoid taking a liking to one of your teachers. Almost everyone has a favorite teacher. There are a lot of teachers out there. Some with a temper, others with too much seriousness and so on and so forth. My favorite teacher is a rather unique one, in my opinion.

Her name is Ms. Princess Rozelyn D. Macalinao. Ms. Princess is an energetic, happy, positive, happy-go-lucky, a certified “Korean”. Among all teachers that I’ve met, Ms. Princess is the BEST! She made me realize that I was wrong to think that life is not hard and difficult.  Instead, she made me see that it is actually so easy. She made me see the good side of life. Whenever she enters the classroom to teach us, the class is full of fun but she never forgets to be serious during specific instances; also, she is not to be messed with. She has changed my point of view about life in a good way. She makes us learn in a fun and creative way. The lessons sink into your brain with the happy and fun memories. She will never stop until the lesson is deeply instilled into your mind. I owe our Ms. Princess a bucket-load of gratitude. I like her because she acts just like my mom. Ms. Princess will be one of the persons I will miss the most! To all students, personnel, staff, people and throughout the entire world that are too serious, may Ms. Princess be an example that you don’t need to be too serious; life must always be balanced.

In a short summary, my favorite teacher is Ms. Princess: a happy, kind, generous, considerate, very beautiful and Korean teacher. She is the best teacher I know. May she receive more and more blessings. Ms. Princess, you are the BEST. Thank you!


By: Prince Aaron C. Arobinto, 6 – Prudence

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