A. Don’t talk! —- Don’t push —- Don’t run! —- Don’t turn back!

B. Teachers must lead their students out of the classroom but slowly ease their way to the end of the line to make sure that all students under his/her care have been safely evacuated.

C. Students must walk out of their classrooms in two lines, maintaining these two lines going down the stairs, each line holding on to the handrail on each side. The middle of the stairway must always be left open and accessible for injured persons to be carried down.

D. Follow the escape route assigned to your class if you are coming from your classroom. If you are elsewhere in the building, exit through the passageway to the nearest gate.

E. Once you are in the evacuation site, kneel or sit on the ground and remain quiet.

F. During an actual emergency (earthquake or fire), wait for your teacher to endorse you to your parent or family member who comes to fetch you. Do not rush off with your fetcher without the teacher’s knowledge.

G. If you are injured, inform your teacher. First aid will be provided by the Medical Team strategically situated for easy access to everyone. During the drill, anybody who has not vacated his/her post and is found by the Rescue and Security Team will be declared injured. This will be reported by the Communications Team.

H. The Transportation Committee will dispatch vehicles in case there is a need to further transport an injured person to the hospital or if there is a need to further transport students to another evacuation site.

I. Parents are expected to stay calm, cooperate and assist, if possible.

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